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I have been asked before by Clients what is the difference between a business mentor and a coach. Below I have outlined what it means to me and my business, the list is not exhaustive but hopefully, it provides some clarity.

A business mentor can offer guidance and support to help clients achieve their professional and business goals, based on their experience. This can take many forms for example;
• Actively listening to assist clients gain clarity on business ideas and acting as a sounding board.
• Providing tools and techniques to assist with business planning and processes.
• Sharing experiences, knowledge, other supports, and networks.
• Exploring professional challenges of mentees to help them find solutions that will minimise the impacts they may have on future progression.
• Work with clients to improve their own and their team’s professional performance
• Develop a road map for the next steps to take and provide accountability.
• Assist them in maximizing their opportunity for success and developing their business acumen.

As a mentor, you must be non-judgmental and able to see where the client is from their perspective, and even though you may be dealing with a similar type of business recognise that everyone’s story is different. Clients should feel on an equal par with their mentor, you are only part of their journey helping them to build expertise in aspects of their business. Without their passion, expertise, and growth mindset recognising we all have limitations to their current skillset there wouldn’t be a need for mentors. No client should feel they have to apologise for not knowing something so having empathy, building trust, and having the requisite experience as a mentor is paramount for a successful collaboration.
Coaching is a collaborative process of curiosity, self-awareness, discovery, and growth between the client and their coach.
The coach supports the client by providing a non-judgemental safe space for them to find clarity and move forward positively.
Working with a coach you will learn tools that will help build on your emotional intelligence, which includes, self-awareness, self-confidence, and relationship skills. It will help build leadership skills and also deal with the one thing that is constant in our lives which is change.
Coaching will help clients reach their full potential, whatever that is for them personally and professionally.